05 October 2020 Consortium Space Technologies presented the program Precision Farming at the World Space Week 2020

According to Consortium Space Technologies, the Precision Farming program was presented online at an official event within the framework of World Space Week 2020.

The Precision Farming program proposes the use of existing space technologies in agriculture, both in the field of crop production and in the field of animal husbandry. Forecasting yields, adjusting environmental conditions, calculating the effective use of fertilizers and fuel, monitoring, reducing human participation in the process of sowing and harvesting, training of specialist operators – part of the technologies voiced during the conference based on the use of satellites for agricultural enterprises, artificial intelligence, robotics with a complete replacement of the labor force for the operator. Also during the presentation, data were presented on the increase in the productivity of agricultural enterprises by 40% in the case of using space developments.

The presentation was held by the consortium Space Technologies jointly with the company D-Start, the presenter of the presentation – Maria Arkhipova, deputy head of consortium Space technologies, coordinator on legal issues

the presentation on femto-satellites was held by Dmitry Novoseltsev, the head of D- Start

invited speaker-participant of the presentation Valeria Pride, head of the company  Kriorus

general coordination of the event – Julia Arkhipova, head of consortium Space Technologies