Qualified specialists of the Consortium Space Technologies provide consulting services for government and commercial enterprises of the space industry.

Process consulting allows you to adjust current processes and create new ones using new tools: from engineering (including modeling) and finishing with advising company executives on choosing the most effective strategies for achieving stated goals.

Consortium Space Technologies provides specialists with competence for management consulting, HR consulting, legal consulting in the field of corporate training. Specialists carry out external consulting, as well as provide services for the formation of internal consulting groups in the required areas.

The competences of the specialists of the Consortium Space Technologies allow us to provide international consulting services on the leaders of the international space market.

Consulting services are built according to the following model: a request from a state or commercial organization — forming a list of tasks for an external consultant — interacting with the organization at the required levels — introducing changes. Subsequently, it is possible to train employees and form an internal consulting group or to form an independent group of consultants to work on a permanent basis.

Consulting conducted by specialists – managers in the space industry – professional solutions in the face of uncertainty and lack of information, the introduction of new knowledge for effective management decisions, work on a new process or within a project.


The specialists of the Сonsortium Space Technologies will create conditions for the effective achievement of the professional goal. The absence of strict restrictions in interaction with personnel and the application of knowledge from the space industry form new requirements for the mission, goals, organizations, decision-makers.

Coaching is a unique kind of interaction aimed at satisfying a person’s needs, primarily in building a road map of self-realization. Setting values ​​and achieving the goal are not the final or final stage of this interaction.

Change management

Сonsortium Space Technologies offers effective mechanisms for the formation and strengthening of corporate culture.

The introduction of new ideas and a change in the usual course of events often cause resistance. However, there are special techniques to make the process of introducing changes as comfortable as possible for employees at all levels and as successful as possible, even if the organization has the task of shaping or changing corporate culture.

Change management is based on the passage of several stages and the observance of certain principles that will not allow the organization to roll back after achieving a number of goals. In order to reduce the time for the adjustment process and move to a new stage of development, careful management of a change management specialist is necessary.

Storage of cargo on orbit

August 10, 2017, the Russian cryocompany Kriorus concluded a long-term agreement with the Consortium Space Technologies on sending cryonized patients, cryonified animals, and DNA samples into orbit for long-term cryopreservation. The agreement also includes research in the field of cryonics and hypobiosis in near-Earth orbit.

On photo: Julia Arkhipova and Valeria Udalova (Pride)


The technology of sending cryonated patients and cryopreservation in earth orbit is an innovation by Russian scientists, a unique offer in the world and the only one for today. Innovation involves Russian enterprises with Russian technologies, all developments are the intellectual property of Russian specialists and companies. The implementation of innovation involves a public-private partnership of Russian companies, the partners stressed.

According to the partners, this project is aimed at the development of Russian science, astronautics and economics. Innovative technologies within the framework of the agreement provide for the attraction of financial resources to the Russian economy, providing Russian enterprises and institutions, both public and private, with investments from various countries. Any person or any company or any state can use the opportunity to send a cryonized body or brain.

According to the Consortium Space Technologies and the company Kriorus, the procedure for shipping (the so-called nano- or mini-satellite with a cryocapsule) has a strict protocol agreed with the Russian and international legislation, technical requirements and its own schedule.

Sending a nanosatellite with a cryocapsule into orbit will be carried out by Russian launch vehicles, while the payload can be sent into orbit as part of the “groupage cargo” or individually. The method of departure will affect only the cost of shipping and the duration of the preparation of an individual launch vehicle. The period of preparation for the shipment of individual cargo will be approximately two years. Sending by rocket carrier has its own insurance and guarantees, the partners said. The customer can choose an orbit.

A device with a cryonized body or brain capsule will have a device and a coating that is safe for heating / cooling, which will also protect the capsule from the effects of cosmic radiation and allow the sealed capsule to be stored in an unchanged, specified state. In the event of a capsule leakage, information about an emergency situation will be received by the Earth, from where the devices will be monitored and controlled with the stored body or brain of cryopatients in order to timely troubleshoot. In the event of such a situation in the future it is planned to use the repair satellites currently under development.

The expected cost of storing in a near-earth orbit of a cryonated brain in the company KrioRus is from 250,000 US dollars. The cost of sending and preserving the body of a cryonized person in orbit has not yet been established.

In the future, it is planned to continue the work initiated by cosmonautics pioneer Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, research in the field of hypobiosis – a reversible sharp decrease in the intensity of life processes, which is important for the development of astronautics and deep space exploration. Also, the development of nano-and mini-satellites for the brain and body of cryopatients will be the prototype of the rescue cryocapsule for the next-generation spacecraft.

Under the terms of sending cryopatients to orbit and conducting relevant research, you can contact the specialists of Kryorus, starting from August 21, 2017.