Consulting and Coaching


Qualified specialists of the Сonsortium Space Technologies provide consulting services for state and commercial enterprises of the space industry.

Process consulting allows you to adjust current processes and create new ones using new tools: from engineering jobs (including modeling) and finishing with advising company executives on choosing the most effective strategies for achieving stated goals.

The Сonsortium Space Technologies provides specialists with competence for management consulting, HR consulting, legal consulting in the field of corporate training. Specialists carry out external consulting, as well as provide services for the formation of internal consulting groups in the required areas.

The competencies of the specialists of the Сonsortium Space Technologies allow us to provide international consulting services for all participants in the international space market.

Consulting services are built according to the following model: a request from a state or commercial organization — forming a list of tasks for an external consultant — interacting with the organization at the required levels — introducing changes. Subsequently, it is possible to train employees and form an internal consulting group or to form an independent group of consultants to work on a permanent basis.

Consulting conducted by specialists – managers in the space industry – professional solutions in the face of uncertainty and lack of information, the introduction of professional knowledge for effective management decisions, work on a new process or within a project.


The specialists of the Сonsortium Space Technologies will create conditions for the effective achievement of the professional goal. The absence of strict restrictions in interaction with personnel and the application of knowledge from the space industry form new requirements for the mission, goals, organizations, decision-makers.

Coaching is a unique kind of interaction aimed at satisfying a person’s needs, primarily in building a road map of self-realization. Setting values ​​and achieving the goal are not the final or final stage of this interaction.