“MIR-2” manned orbital complex

The First Private Space station «MIR-2» will appear to 2032 in Earth’s orbit.
The idea of creating First Private Space station “MIR-2” belongs to the Сonsortium Space Technologies, which combined the partners and investors from all over the world have joined their forces to launch the implementation of programs of manned orbital complex “MIR-2”.
15 June 2016 a meeting of the supervisory board of the Сonsortium Space Technologies, which can be regarded as a landmark in international space exploration. During the meeting was approved the plan of construction of the space station “MIR-2” program and the supervisory board confirmed funding for all phases of the program.
The creation of the private space station “MIR-2” will be completed in 2032: the members of consortium consider, the manned orbital complex to be fully assembled and will begin its full operation.
The meeting also approved the logo of a manned space station “MIR-2”.
The famous Russian lawyer Maria Bast, the member of the supervisory board of the Сonsortium Space Technologies was appointed the head of the construction of the space station “MIR-2”.
By decision of the supervisory board of the Сonsortium Space Technologies we publish the excerpts from the decision to approve the program. Also, more information you may found on the website of the Сonsortium Space Technologies http://kosmotech.org.
The first phase of the program is the development and approval of the project of the orbital station “MIR-2”, which will be implemented in the period from 2016 to 2020.
At the first phase of the construction of the manned orbital station “MIR-2” the supervisory board of the Сonsortium Space Technologies decided to hold a contest among the specialized professionals who want to take part in creating of the concept of the “MIR-2”. All of the individuals and organizations of all over the world as a specialized professionals may participate in the contest. According to the decision of the supervisory board the contest will begin 01 July 2016 and will finished on 15 September 2016.
01 October 2016 the results of the contest will be officially announced. The winner will get the prize of $ 2000 US dollars, and the winner will be able to take a personal part in the development of the space station “MIR-2” and the work contract will be signed with him.
In the period from November 2016 to March 2017 it is planned to hold a contest among the professional organizations for the development of the project on the basis of the winning concept . The contest will be open for all professional public and private organizations from all over the world.
15 April 2017 the consortium will announce the winner among project organizations, and will sign the contract. Also consortium will continue the funding under the terms and conditions of the contract.
In the period from 01 July 2017 to 01 July 2020 the concept will be developed.
In the period from 2020 to 2022 the consortium will hold the approval and certification of the project with the national public authorities and international organizations.
The second stage – the design and construction of the modules of “MIR-2” is planned.
In the 2022 the consortium will be held the contest among the enterprises and organizations engaged in the construction of space objects and equipment. According to the results of the contest winners will be announced and entered into on the contrasts of design and construction of various parts of the space station and the necessary equipment.
In the period from 2022 to 2027 it is planned to build the space station modules and the necessary equipment for the construction and maintenance of the space station.
In 2025 the consortium plans the contest for the organizations, which will send the components, modules and equipment of the orbital station among the public and private organizations involved in the delivery of cargo into space to orbit the Earth. Signing the contracts with the organizations-winners for the delivery of cargo into orbit.
In 2025 – the contest among the relevant public and private organizations for the assembling of the orbital station “MIR-2” in space , followed by the signing of a contract for further work with organizations-winners.
In the third stage of the program is delivery of parts of the orbital station “MIR-2” and construction on the Earth’s orbit within the period from 2027 to 2032 is scheduled, the launch of full operation of the station will start.
The assembly of orbital station “MIR-2” and the start of exploitation of the station in 2032.