Cosmonaut training

Сonsortium Space Technologies has created a unique seven-step program for the training of astronauts.
The consortium specialists have developed a unique methodology and technology for the seven-step cosmonaut training, which allows more advanced cosmonauts to be trained than the cosmonaut training centers in the world today.
This program is the intellectual property of the consortium, the details of the program are not publicly disclosed and can only be available on a contractual basis.
Specialists in the development of a unique seven-step program for training astronauts obtained successful scientific research in the field of human life support and life preservation, in particular, in adverse space conditions, as well as development in the field of improving the physical characteristics of a person and improving mental health, more advanced skills needed. and knowledge.
The new astronaut training program includes 7 stages, which is two more than with standard training and this has significantly expanded the capabilities of man, both intellectual and physical. New knowledge, skills and abilities are more relevant to the current tasks of the astronaut during space exploration and allow us to speak about a fundamentally new type of cosmonaut. The consortium specialists did serious work, highly qualified personnel were involved in the development of the program, each stage was designed to meet modern requirements and challenges of the time.
We have conducted large-scale studies that suggest the benefits of advanced training.