Space debris

The problem of space debris is becoming more urgent with each passing day. All space agencies and all private space companies are working on the task of recycling space debris – this is a task requiring new solutions.
Space debris has various dimensions – it is the whole non-working spacecraft remaining in orbit, and fragments and parts of various satellites, non-working satellites, which for some reason did not descend from orbit and did not burn in the dense atmosphere. In addition, space debris moves at a fairly high speed, which significantly complicates the methods and process of disposal of this special type of debris.
Сonsortium Space Technologies has created its own unique technologies for utilization of space debris, confirmed by mathematical models and working samples of devices in a reduced size.
The specialists of the Сonsortium Space Technologies offer the utilization of space debris in several ways, as a result of which the largest spacecraft and their parts can be: 1) removed from orbit and sent to the dense layers of the atmosphere; 2) sprayed.
For cooperation on the disposal of space debris, contact the Сonsortium Space Technologies.