Self-determination in space

The specialists of the Сonsortium Space Technologies conducted a detailed analysis of the services offered on the international space market and correlated the services with the most acute political problems, and came to the conclusion that there is not enough on Earth.

According to the data obtained, the most frequent problem in the modern world is the violation of the right to self-determination of small peoples fighting for their sovereignty. Discrimination, war, genocide, and as a result, numerous human losses are by no means a complete list of what small peoples face on Earth.

According to the specialists of the Сonsortium Space Technologies, this complex and seemingly unsolvable problem can be solved in the plane of space exploration.

According to Maria Arkhipova, coordinator for the construction of the orbital station MIR-2, a professional manager in the space sector, small peoples and overcrowded states could get out of this situation if they turned to the “Self-determination in space”, which was described and formed in detail by experts of the consortium Space technologies.

The meaning of “Self-determination in space” is to redistribute resources, both material and human capital: instead of human losses and multi-billion investments in wars, small peoples, overcrowded states could expand their habitat and achieve the right to self-determination in orbit space, creating its own orbital station, traveling in space or mastering celestial bodies – the Moon, asteroids, Mars, exoplanets, etc.

Consortium specialists, professional managers in the space sector offer a full range of solutions to small nations and overcrowded states – from project management and completing with the execution of technical tasks. Thus, the Сonsortium Space Technologies realizes its mission “Space as a comfortable habitat.”

The project is managed by Maria Arkhipova, the coordinator of the construction of the orbital station MIR-2, who graduated from the Space Research Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University with honors.