CONTEST 1 (completed)

The public contest of the Сonsortium Space Technologies for the best concept of the future space station “MIR-2” will start 01 July 2016.

Мир2_вариант 1_красный

According to the terms of the contest, all comers from all over the world may take part in it. The contest will continue until 15 September 2016. First October 2016 the results of the contest will be announced, and the winner will get the prize of $ 2000 US dollars, and the winner will be able to take a personal part in the development of the space station “MIR-2” and the work contract will be signed with him. The date of the ceremony of awarding the winners will be announced later.
The requirements for the participants of the contest and their works are formulated.
The participants are invited to create the concept of the manned orbital complex “Mir-2” with the following conditions and requirements:
1. The concept must include an explanatory note – justification of why this concept may be implemented in practice.
2. The works are made and submitted to the contest simultaneously in two forms: a work station project in the form of the album A3 up to 50 sheets, as well as in electronic form on the media transmitted the jury;
3. The concept involves the appearance of a manned orbital station “Mir-2” station with the station logo and inner station device (blocks, modules for different purposes, technical facilities, etc.);
4. The concept includes architectural and construction part (architecture and design – drawings and specifications for the construction of) the general technical data for the station project, sections and cross sections, bridges, ventilation ducts, floor plans, the main parts and components, specification of building materials and so on. etc .;
5. The concept includes an engineering part: heating, life support system, ventilation system, water supply, sewerage, electricity supply, provisions, specifications of construction materials;
6. The concept should comply with environmental, health and hygiene, fire protection, reliability and safety of the plant, facilities and utilities.
  The preference among the concepts will be given to concepts whose authors offer the solutions of the creation of the gravity on the station “MIR-2”.
 The choice of the concepts will be on the Supervisory Board of the Consortium “Space technologies” and experts of the specialized institutions and professional organizations, which will also give their assessment of the feasibility of a concept to life.

The participants may add the applications for participation in contest via e-mail and get the instructions. The participants mey check the receiption of the letter on the phone.