Earth remote sensing

Earth remote sensing – remote sensing of the earth from space.

Earth remote sensing – observation of the Earth’s surface by aviation and space means equipped with various types of imaging equipment.

Earth remote sensing is used to study the Earth’s natural resources and solve meteorological problems, for space-based sensing to detect, classify and analyze objects on the Earth’s surface, as well as the atmosphere and the ocean, and allows you to observe the Earth’s surface at any time of day, regardless of the state of the atmosphere.

Remote sensing is a method of obtaining information about an object or phenomenon without direct physical contact with this object.

What is remote sensing used for?

Remote sensing provides the ability to obtain data on dangerous, hard-to-reach and fast-moving objects, allows for observations in large areas of the terrain.

Earth remote sensing helps to explore without contact with the Earth’s surface areas of the earth’s surface for the presence of minerals, is used in agriculture (the use and preservation of natural resources, the movement of animals and livestock), geological exploration, helps to monitor deforestation, create forecasts for agriculture farms, environmental services, etc.

How to order a service?

It is possible to order images of remote sensing by using the Consortium Space Technologies promptly and as soon as possible: all you need to do is to declare your desire – send an official request for conducting remote sensing with an indication of the purpose of the study, the estimated coordinates of the object under investigation.

The request will be accepted for processing, an application is formed on the basis of it, and the specialist of the Consortium Space Technologies will contact the applicant to sign the contract, create a package of documents to provide the service and form the cost of the service in each case.

Important: the Consortium Space Technologies works only with licensed companies to implement remote sensing.