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Investment Calculator 2019 is a special tool that will help calculate the expectations from investment of funds under% for a given period of time. The investor calculator is based on the compound interest formula.

This calculator of compound interest helps answer the question “How much will my deposit be if investments will regularly bring a certain percentage during a given period.”

Period – a certain period of time (week, month, year, …) during which you are charged a percentage of the deposit. The currency of the starting deposit can be any (rubles, $, €) and does not matter for calculations.

How to use investor calculator?

Fields to fill in the data required for calculating income in the financial online investor calculator.

  1. Starting deposit – the amount of funds that were invested at the very beginning;
  2. Expected return – interest on the deposit for 1 period (month, quarter, year, …);
  3. Investment Term (for periods) during which it is planned to keep funds on the account taking into account monthly additions or withdrawals;
  4. Account replenishment – the period of time (once a month, 2 months, quarter, 4 months, half a year, year) through which you will add funds to the main package or withdraw them.
  5. Refill Amount – & nbsp; the amount of funds that you are willing to deposit into your account. If you plan to withdraw funds, enter a value with a “-” sign (for example, “-100”). & Nbsp; It is assumed that the amount will be identical throughout the deposit period;

After all the data have been entered, you must click on the “Calculate” button, after which you get the result of the investment, which is displayed in a table. The table clearly shows how much money will be in the account during each of the periods.

The investor calculator is designed for investment planning. It does not take into account fluctuations, drawdowns and risks. The real return on deposit will depend on your investment strategy, aggressiveness of your portfolio and many other indicators.