Precision Farming

Consortium Space Technologies proposes the implementation of the program of precision farming and sustainable development of agriculture “Rational management of agricultural resources using space technologies” to achieve high results and create new priorities and a scale of orientation in the field of agriculture.

This program allows for round-the-clock control over the use of land for its intended purpose, the state of soils, water resources, monitoring and forecasting droughts, climate changes and assessing the impact of these changes on agricultural production, conducting an early assessment of crop yields, and, as a consequence, solving problems with food safety. Control can be carried out through familiar media (mobile phone, tablet, laptop) used by authorized persons.

The Sustainable Agricultural Resource Management program using space technologies provides a solid foundation for agricultural planning and management, helps to improve production efficiency by reducing the cost of seeds, fuel and agrochemicals, leads to time savings, and takes into account the pressures of increasing food demand.

The program was officially presented within the framework of World Space Week 2020 under the auspices of the UN on October 05, 2020.

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