05.07.24 Consortium Space Technologies explained in detail the procedure for recruiting candidates for Starfleet

As Maria Arkhipova, a lawyer for the Consortium Space Technologies, said, many applicants ask questions about the stages of selection for candidates for Starfleet and about the specific place of work. The Consortium Space Technologies has explained in detail the recruitment process for Starfleet candidates and the procedure for assignment to work.
Thus, all applicants for Starfleet go through the following stages of application: 1) standard procedure for the initial provision of information – the applicant provides a resume in a standard form, his photo and a video for 60 seconds, 2) the applicant receives a Starfleet candidate application form in Russian or English, 3) after successfully passing the questionnaire, the candidate arrives, regardless of his education, work experience, age and ambitions, at a special base of the Starfleet personnel department in Georgia, where he undergoes a number of legal procedures and is sent to the village of Grigoleti, where on the shore Black Sea undergoes selection under the supervision of the head of the HR department, Zinaida Harnanikina, within 7-14 days, 4) in case of positive selection by the HR department, the candidate proceeds to training, becoming a Starfleet cadet – the special training course lasts 14 months, also regardless of education and the candidate’s work experience, 5) after completing the training course and successful certification, the candidate is assigned to a workplace, which can be literally anywhere – both performing a task in space and performing a task anywhere in the world in any country.
Recruitment for Starfleet continues on an ongoing basis, we are waiting for you, dear applicants.
Details in the video.