03.07.19 Consortium Space Technologies launched unique service to the space market: consulting and coaching for enterprises in the space sector

As the press service of the consortium Space Technologies said, the consortium experts have developed and offer a unique service – consulting and coaching for enterprises in the space sector.

As explained in the consortium, the uniqueness lies in the focus – for state and commercial enterprises of the space sector, and also that the services are provided by specialists – managers in the space sector. Within the framework of the direction, specialists offer professional solutions in the conditions of uncertainty and lack of information, the introduction of knowledge for effective management decisions, work on a new process or within a project.

Process consulting allows you to adjust current processes and create new ones using professional tools: from engineering  (including modeling) and finishing with advising company executives on choosing the most effective strategies for achieving stated goals.

The consortium Space Technologies provides unique specialists with competencies for management consulting, HR consulting, legal consulting, in the field of corporate training. Specialists carry out external consulting, as well as provide services for the formation of internal consulting groups in the required areas.

The competencies of the specialists of the consortium Space Technologies allow us to provide international consulting services for participants in the international space market.

Also, the specialists of the consortium Space Technologies offer coaching in the space industry to effectively achieve a professional goal. Also the special area is the change management.

The comment of Julia Arkhipova, the head of the consortium Space Technologies:

– The need for consulting and coaching, change management is long overdue – the space industry has formed, includes many enterprises, both in Russia and abroad. And like all organizations, enterprises in the space industry are also changing – developing or, on the contrary, stagnating, becoming more conservative, or, on the contrary, looking for new ways to implement the most daring ideas. The development issues of space industry enterprises are relevant, this is recognized by the heads of state-owned enterprises, and heads of commercial organizations, and employees with whom our specialists conduct diagnostics of enterprises. The scientific community also recognizes the same problem, that enterprises lack professional knowledge to move to a new stage of development, to successfully pass through a crisis, etc. And if quite recently stagnation in space industry enterprises was associated with the lack of professionals – managers in the space industry, today this problem is solved – there are such specialists, they have sufficient competence for all stages of consulting: from professional diagnostics of a large enterprise to engineering workflows Whether it’s about the workplace of a particular employee or the psychological climate in the organization as a whole. The same goes for coaching. The need to change perceptions about the role of the head of an organization, the style of managing an enterprise in the space industry to achieve a professional goal are obvious. With change management, the same situation – the enterprises of the space industry are only taking the first steps in shaping the corporate culture, in choosing strategies for its construction or change, if it has already been built. The consortium “Space Technologies” provides professionals to solve these complex, requiring resolution, tasks that take into account the specifics and all the nuances of the enterprises in the space industry. We also expect that state-owned enterprises, both Roskosmos and non-corporation-affiliated companies, commercial enterprises will show interest in this service.

The consortium Space Technologies clarified that ordering consulting and coaching services for enterprises of the space industry, change management services can be directly in the consortium.

More information about the services on the website of the consortium Space Technologies in the “Services” section.