11.07.22 Consortium “Space Technologies” calculated the cost and timing of the creation of the lunar base “Bars Lun”

According to the Consortium “Space Technologies”, 21-year-old Shamil Saitov, one of the young leaders of Tatarstan, approached the specialists of the consortium with the concept of thе lunar base “Bars Lun”.

illustration: the concept of thе lunar base “Bars Lun” by Shamil Saitov

According to experts, it costs $30,000 to make a design project of the lunar base “Bars Lun” and 3D model of the base.
Also, experts of Consortium “Space Technologies” estimated the cost of the Lunarcity project at $35 million. The total cost of building of the lunar base “Bars Lun” will eventually be about 120 billion US dollars.
According to experts, the project implementation period from the design of the lunar base to the actual construction will take from 20 to 25 years.
Shamil Saitov’s comment:

illustration: the author of the concept of thе lunar base “Bars Lun” Shamil Saitov

– I proposed to the specialists of the Consortium “Space Technologies” my concept of the lunar base “Bars Lun”, and at my request, the experts calculated the cost of this project from design to construction, as well as the timing of the project. I am satisfied with the cost of the project and the timing of its implementation, I plan to sign an agreement with Consortium “Space Technologies” in the near future and begin implementation. As for the financial side of the issue, I will attract funds from businesses and related funds, individuals around the world. The mission of the project is freedom, the goal is to realize the right to self-determination of my people. I want to build a civilization where human rights and freedoms are respected, based on scientific and technological progress.