18.06.18 The Consortium Space Technologies proposed to the government of the Russian Federation to solve the problem of distance in Russia and provide new trains for 2 billion passengers per year

The Consortium Space Technologies announced the receipt of related developments in the framework of work on the MIR-2 orbital station, which can be used today. We are talking about the introduction of an innovative transport system “Vacuum Train” to connect remote parts of Russia among themselves, strengthening economic and social ties.

According to the press service of the Consortium Space Technologies, the proposal to create a state program to introduce a new transportation system that will cover 6500 km in 5.5 hours and provide 2 billion passengers a year with new transport has already been submitted to the government of the Russian Federation.

The specialists of the Consortium Space Technologies shared some details of their development: within the framework of the introduction of the new “Vacuum Train” transport system, innovative high-strength materials are ready for use, which ensure the strength of any design, which guarantees the absence of depressurization during the movement of the vacuum train, , and the tunnel. Also, with the help of new material properties, the problem of rapid abrasion of the tunnel walls due to strong pressure is solved. There are also new technical solutions for providing airflow to passenger cars, an effective algorithm for evacuating passengers, the possibility of obtaining emergency medical assistance on any part of the transport system, the consortium said.