21.05.18 Experts of the Consortium Space Technologies calculated the probability of an increase in life expectancy under gravity below the Earth’s

According to the press service of the Consortium Space Technologies, the organization’s specialists have created a mathematical model of increasing the human lifespan in conditions of gravity below the earth’s.

As the Consortium Space Technologies said, according to specialists’ calculations, when gravity is reduced by half below the Earth’s, human life expectancy will increase fourfold, while it will be necessary to adhere to certain nutrition, create sterile conditions and a certain physical load. The data coincide with the forecasts of the Center for the Study of Aging Processes at the University of Louisiana. Necessary conditions, said the consortium, can be obtained at the MIR-2 orbital station, which will allow to conduct research in this direction. At this stage, experts say that the effect of the aging gene slows down, predict a higher activity of neurons and the endocrine system.