24.08.17 Cryonics in orbit is already a reality

On August 10, 2017, the Russian cryonics company KrioRus entered into a long-term agreement with the Space Technologies Consortium to launch cryopreserved patients, cryopreserved animal bodies and DNA samples to orbit for long-term cryopreservation. The terms of the agreement also specify research in the field of cryonics and hypobiosis in near-earth orbit.

The technology of cryopreservation and sending cryopreserved patients to near-earth orbit is an innovation of Russian scientists, a unique proposal in the world and the only one for today. The partners emphasized that Russian enterprises with Russian technologies participate in the implementation of innovation, all developments are the intellectual property of Russian specialists and companies. The implementation of innovation envisages public-private partnership of Russian companies.

According to the partners, this project is aimed to advance Russian science, cosmonautics and economy. Innovative technologies in the framework of the agreement presuppose attraction of financial resources to the Russian economy, providing Russian enterprises and institutions with both public and private investments from all over the world. Orbital cryopreservation services, whole body or brain only, are now available to all, upon receipt of delivery.

As reported by Space Technologies and KrioRus, the procedure for launching cargo, the nano- or minisatellite with cryocapsule, must follow a strict protocol of technical requirements and schedule in conformance with Russian and international legislation.

Nanosatellites with cryocapsules will be manufactured in Russia and launched into orbit from Russian launch facilities. Any payload can be launched into orbit individually or included within any larger cargo manifest. The choice of options will only effect the launch cost and the duration of the preparation. The group plan will be cheaper and quicker. The period of preparation for shipment of individual cargo will be approximately two years. Rocket launch has its own insurance and guarantees, the partners assure us. The customer may choose the orbital path.

The apparatus with a capsule containing cryopreserved body or brain will feature a safe thermal coating, affording also protection for the capsule from the effects of cosmic radiation and will allow the hermetic capsule with liquid nitrogen to be stored in a stable predetermined state. In the event of a capsule leakage, emergency telemetry will be received on Earth, where the tracking and control of the devices with the stored body or brain will be carried out for timely resolution of whatever problem. In such an event, it is planned to deploy repair satellites currently under development.

The expected cost of keeping the cryopreserved brain in near-Earth orbit with KrioRus company begin from 250 000 US dollars. The cost of launching and maintaining a whole body cryopatient into orbit has yet to be set.

In future, research in planned into hypobiosis, a reversible sharp decrease in the intensity of vital processes, highly desirable in space exploration and development, in accordance with the forward looking vision of the founder of practical cosmonautics, Sergey Pavlovich Korolev. The development of nano- and minisatellite for the brain and body of cryopatients is prototypic of the rescue cryocapsule to be featured in next generation spacecraft.

You can contact KrioRus specialists on the details of the terms of launching cryopatients into orbit and about relevant research beginning from August 21, 2017.

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