24 August 2023 Consortium Space Technologies announced the choice of territory for the cosmodrome in Georgia

Consortium Space Technologies has completed the selection of a land plot for launching satellites and spacecraft from the territory of Georgia. The cosmodrome was named “Colchida “, located in Western Georgia in a safe zone for launches.

According to the consortium’s experts, the selection of the land plot was carried out for a long time, since there are strict requirements for the launch of vehicles, and after survey work, a site was selected that meets the requirements for the cosmodrome.

Maria Arkhipova, Lawyer of Consortium Space Technologies

Consortium Space Technologies plans to complete the construction of the site in the next 6 months, after which the spaceport will be ready for new launches. The first launches from the “Colchida” cosmodrome are scheduled for the spring of 2024, the sequence of launches will be carried out in accordance with the orders placed with the consortium. According to the specialists of Consortium Space Technologies, the cosmodrome is capable of launching satellites around the clock – 3-4 launches per day, as for the maximum carrying capacity, it will be up to 50 tons at the time of the first launches.

You can order launch and equipment through the Department of Acquisition of Products and Services of the Consortium Space Technologies.