25.06.18 The TU-104a airplane with zero-gravity pool, where Alexei Leonov trained, looking for sponsors to complete the restoration

According to the press service of the Consortium Space Technologies, volunteers from the museum of aircrafts in Monino near Moscow, the legendary TU-104a aircraft, at which the exits to outer space and stay in weightlessness Alexei Leonov passed, needs sponsorship.

Outwardly, the TU-104a aircraft has already been washed and is being painted, most of the vehicle is lost inside, only what could not have been carried and handed over to the point of reception of color scrap, said volunteer Yegor. Now, volunteers are looking for missing spare parts and parts all over Russia, counting on the help of the profile enterprises involved in the design and construction of aircraft, and will be happy with any financial help and just working hands – those who are not indifferent to the devices that once conquered the sky and become school for astronauts of the first generation.

According to the press service of the Consortium Space Technologies, the company intends to make a feasible contribution to maintaining the device with a “zero-gravity basin”, since it has a direct relation to space and was a platform for training cosmonauts, and also calls for supporting the work of volunteers. The press service explained that the Consortium Space Technologies is ready to provide contacts of volunteers to all those who wish to provide financial or other assistance in the restoration of TU-104a.