27.10.16 The winner of the contest of the consortium “Space Technologies” was awarded for the best concept of the space station “Mir-2” /Moscow, Russia/

The group of the engineers, architectors and the visualizers presented the concept of the space orbital station with the artificial gravity

As Oksana Bassova said, their technical and art group presented the concept of the orbital station with the artificial gravity.
At a private orbital “Mir-2” stations may be created the artificial gravity close to the Earth.
– According to the concept, the station consists of two modules, the center – three circular segments with different gravity,” – said Bassova at the press conference in “Interfax”in Moscow.


On the photo: Oksana Bassova

According to her, in the central segment of the near-zero gravity, there will be located the warehouses and technical rooms. In the middle segment will be half the gravity of the Earth, it can be used for management and crop production. In the third segment will be close to the Earth’s gravity – there may live the astronauts.

The second module, according to the concept, will consist of two parts, in which all the conditions for the life of the astronauts can be created.


On the photo: Irina Gracheva

The head of the development team Irina Gracheva noted that the establishment of the station with the artificial gravity will be the first step for further space exploration. “This is a small step to the long flight. Today you can not send a person to a long flight without gravity the Alpha Centauri or to Mars”.
According to the developers, the total radius of the plant will be small – no more than 30 meters, and the artificial gravity will be achieved by its rotation around a central axis.

Director of the construction of the orbital station “Mir-2” of the consortium “Space technologies” Maria Bast said that such stations may be put into mass production, which will significantly reduce their cost and enable tens of thousands of people to live in orbit.


On the photo: Maria Bast

“Such stations may be tens, hundreds of thousands around the orbit they will fly hundreds of years, and with them nothing will happen” – Bast said.
According to her, the cost of the project is ten times lower than what is currently offered under government programs, the cost per square meter would be about $ 2 million.


On the photo: Vadim Nagovitsyn

Results of the competition for the best concept of a manned space station “Mir-2” were announced on 1 October in the awarding of the winners of the 2 000 dollars – the creative team of Irina Gracheva, Oksana Bassova,  Vadim Nagovitsyn from Moscow, took place on Thursday.


On the photo: the winners with the Maria Bast
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