31 July 2023 Consortium Space Technologies announced a wide recruitment for the Starfleet special unit

Consortium Space Technologies announced an open wide recruitment for a special Starfleet unit created to implement space missions on Earth and in space.
Recruitment is carried out on an ongoing basis, the probationary period for candidates is 6 months, during which time the candidate is provided with housing, medical care, food, receives a candidate’s scholarship, undergoes training, and demonstrates his abilities.
In order to become a candidate, it is enough to be of age, have good health, a healthy mind and, most importantly, a desire to work in the space industry. According to the consortium, nationality, gender, sexual orientation do not matter when recruiting. Working languages – Russian, English.
The requirements for candidates can be found on the company’s website in the “Vacancies” section Vacancies – KosmoTech.org, and contact the head of the Human Capital Department.