03 July 2023 Consortium Space Technologies began recruitment for a specially created unit Starfleet

According to Consortium Space Technologies, a special unit Starfleet has been created and recruitment has begun to carry out the tasks of the consortium.
Currently, the Starfleet already includes citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, who have begun training and education.
According to Consortium Space Technologies, the special unit Starfleet has its own Charter, criteria for selecting applicants, training systems and training courses have been developed.
Anyone from any country in the world can apply to join Starfleet, after which applicants are selected according to the criteria developed for a special unit, those who have passed the selection begin training and education on the basis of Consortium Space Technologies. In the future, the composition of the Starfleet will be involved in the implementation of the construction of the MIR-2 orbital station, both on Earth and in orbit.
In Consortium Space Technologies Starfleet specialist email hr@kosmotech.org.