13.10.23 People from South Sudan join Starfleet of the Consortium Space Technologies

As the Consortium Space Technologies said, recruitment into the special Starfleet unit is currently ongoing, and some of the most active applicants are people from South Sudan. In particular, to increase their chances of being selected for Starfleet, young people send motivational videos where they tell why they want to connect their lives with work in the Consortium Space Technologies.

At the request of one of the applicants from South Sudan, Elijah Mayar, the Consortium Space Technologies publishes his motivational video.

In order to become part of the Starfleet team, you need to be of age, have good health, a healthy psyche and a desire to work in the space industry. The Consortium Space Technologies is open to everyone, regardless of their citizenship, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. Selected candidates are trained on the basis of the consortium and sent to work according to their knowledge, skills, abilities and training. Candidates are provided with housing, social package, salary, medical care. To contact the Human Capital Management Department regarding joining Starfleet: hr@kosmotech.org