15 August 2023 Consortium Space Technologies spoke about the opportunities for candidates entering the Starfleet special unit /VIDEO/

The head of the Legal Department of Consortium Space Technologies, lawyer Maria Arkhipova, spoke about what the Starfleet special unit is, how the admission for training is arranged and who the selected personnel can work for, about social guarantees and living conditions for Starfleet personnel.
So, Maria Arkhipova said that before a decision is made to accept a candidate for the Starfleet, the applicant first undergoes training for 6 months, after which a decision is made whether the applicant is suitable, whether the applicant should be sent for training or to work.
According to the Consortium Space Technologies, during training, applicants live in separate free housing, receive a scholarship, receive free medical care, including dentistry, and are provided with uniforms. After being hired, a Starfleet member receives a salary of at least $2,000, has company housing, and social security benefits.
As the head of the Legal Department of Consortium Space Technologies explained, the main work contract is signed for life, leaving the service is possible only for a good reason. The contract also provides that any member of Starfleet can go to space to perform missions, from launching satellites to manned spaceflight.
You can send an application for service in Starfleet to the Department of Human Capital Management hr@kosmotech.org
More about how Starfleet admission works and guarantees – in the video of Maria Arkhipova.

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