21.06.22 Announcement for convicts and their relatives

Consortium Space Technologies provides a unique opportunity for convicts, both in Russia and in other countries, to take part in the implementation of space programs and missions of the consortium.
Consortium Space Technologies considers applications from both life-sentenced and long-term convicts; convicts for any period of time can take part in space programs at will.

Consortium Space Technologies undertakes to negotiate with the penitentiary system on the replacement of punishment from prison labor at the place of serving the sentence to the fulfillment of the tasks of the consortium at the location of the project, and also achieves, in case of successful completion of the space task, consideration of the possibility of parole for the convicts. The duration of a mission can vary from a few months to several years.
The criteria for selecting convicts from the consortium are as follows:
– legal capacity of the convict;
– a conscious desire to participate in space programs and missions;
– sufficient health, ability to learn, sociability and progressive thinking.
There are no restrictions on gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation and other differences for participation in space programs.
Contact for information about space programs and missions by phone: +7 495 968 30 44, +7 915 337 13 75 WhatsApp, e-mail: arkhipova@kosmotech.org, for postal items: 115191, Moscow, st. Malaya Tulskaya, 16, office 3A.