On the day of cosmonautics women talk about gender equality

The International Day of Cosmonautics April 12 public figures, human rights activists, entrepreneurs recorded a video message of congratulations and expressed their wishes that should change in the space industry in the coming year.

Мария Баст_фото для комментарияMaria Bast, chairman of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, recalled the unresolved issue of Russian cosmonautics lack of gender equality. For example, that in the history of Soviet-Russian space exploration no more than five women were admitted to the flight, whereas in the United States for more than 50 women participated in space missions, and as a result of the Russian space program has developed the men’s club, where a woman has to squeeze between the stereotypes of the need to the birth of children and the role of women serving in principle. Also Maria Bast said that it does not stop the fact that the idea of a women’s unit space Roskosmos was pushed into the background after the departure of former head Oleg Ostapenko, and it continues to work with the department and with the women, have declared their desire to conquer space. Maria Bast women wished to become a member of manned lunar missions, and for the development of outer space programs.

12809570_1105349132818959_289572972351776408_nSocial activist and entrepreneur Alain Popov also recalled in astronautics day that in Russia people have difficulty remembering the names of Soviet and modern astronauts because of their very small number, and this trend must change. Alena Popova itself acknowledged that childhood dream to go into space and become kosmonavtkoy, and it intends to achieve the realization of their dreams. Alena Popova supports the idea of a women’s space unit, also engaged in the development of space for the children threads.




53328_102496816488732_6550648_oSupported female solidarity and social activist Natalia
Petrychenko, reminded daily of astronautics on the responsibility for the planet Earth, and that the desire to conquer space peculiar to man since ancient times, when people saw the star and began his scientific way to other planets.

With the video in its entirety is available on the website and on www.rusadvocat.com www.kosmotech.org site

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